Thai'd Up!
Authentic Thai Cuisine
Our Mission:

The pungent taste of lemon grass, the creamy richness of coconut milk, the crispness of stir-fried vegetables and the fiery punch of chili have all contributed to the phenomenal success of Thai cooking throughout the world. Subtly combining the flavors of China and India with a dash of its own inimitable style, Thai food is an exotic concoction of rapidly cooked fresh ingredients, herbs, and spices.

Thai’d Up! is committed to providing our guests with the freshest ingredients and authentic Thai recipes to create a taste of paradise. We went to Thailand and studied at a Thai Cooking School there in order to bring the best to you here!

Fresh herbs and vegetables, all white meat chicken breast, hand cut pork tenderloin and beef fillet tips, shrimp and steamed or fried tofu round out the list of items available in any dish. “Feed the people!”